Monthly Archives: October 2014


4 From Yesterday

And first up is yet another of our cat Freddie. She really is a beautiful subject, trouble is she craves attention so much it’s difficult to get far enough away to get a decent photo; […]

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Some hats

The rubbishy weather continued through most of last week and the nights are starting to draw in. Photo opportunities are now getting more and more harder to come by, with working full time and having […]

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Not liking this rainy weather…

Well, it’s what us British do, right, complain about the weather? Apart from the fact that when Maya needs to go outside we have to stand and wait for her, then clean her feet so […]

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Saturday 11th October 2014

So I got round to taking a few more photos today, funny how inspiration can lay dormant and be awoken at any time. Freddie was sat on the garden fence and I took a couple […]

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Beautiful autumn sunrise

I took this shot just before I set off for work on Friday morning. The bushes were full of beautiful orbs glistening in the light of the morning sun. (click to enlarge) I really need […]

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So…some new(ish) photos

My first blog entry! Kinda lost for words so I’ll just say that the photos that are already in the galleries span a year and are all posted on my Instagram account. Whilst I’ve been […]

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