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Well, last day of 2014, I hope you’re all well and looking forward to tonight’s celebrations 🙂

It’s certainly been a year of learning curves for me. First off getting to grips with photography, this is a learning curve that will continue for a long, long time yet!
Then there was setting up this site, getting it organised and laid out a way that was simple and clean, as well as working out and understanding the mechanics behind it all.

But I won’t bore you with the detail. Thank you for taking the time out to look at my photos and commenting, sharing etc 🙂

Ok, without further ado here is a bit of a hotch-potch of photos I’ve taken and/or edited over the last week, I hope you like them.
Have a great time tonight whatever you’re doing and all the very best for 2015!!!

Horses in Paddock 2

Wasing Park TreesWilders Folly

Tree and Hotel

Sulham Fields

Sulham Field Trees and House

Sulham Fields Cropped

Frans View Creek

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Frosty sunrise

Last Tuesday morning we were treated to a beautifully crisp frosty sunrise. I had the forethought to bung my little Sony Cybershot in my pocket and I was pretty chuffed I did.
Ok, so the journey in to work took slightly longer than usual but for me it was certainly worth it.
Hope you think so too…

Diddenham Court Frost

Beech Hill BnW

Sunrise in Beech Hill_

Trees Close Up

Spencers Wood Sunrise

Trees in Swallowfield Park

Sunrise from Work Window

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Some iPhone Only Photos

I was just trawling through my camera roll on my phone and came a cross a few pics I hadn’t uploaded here.

I’m trying to use my Canon more these days but sometimes I can’t help but grab a few quickies so I can play around editing them straight away rather than having to wait to upload the pics from my dslr.

The problem with taking and editing pics on the iPhone is that the resolution is pretty rubbish so when it comes to folk being interested in buying them, the print options are very limited as they can’t be enlarged to a decent size without the quality being compromised, and certainly you couldn’t print them to canvas. You’ll see this if you click and enlarge them, and the same for most of my earlier photos in the gallery.

Anyways, without further ado…













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Beautiful sunrise and a few trees

To sum up this week’s blog; Beautiful sunrise and a few trees

Had a pretty decent week weatherise this week meaning I could grab a few snaps.
The first two were taken last Tuesday morning where we had a frosty but beautiful sunrise.

Pink Sunrise

James Lane Sunrise 091214

The second set of photos were taken around Wasing Park Estate, just outside Aldermaston. As usual I got some tree shots in whilst messing around a bit with my camera’s more manual settings. Still got a very long way to go in understanding the various settings but I’m getting good at leaving the automatic settings alone 🙂

Wasing Park Tree 1 131214

Wasing Park Trees 131214

Treeling In Wasing Park (done) 131214

Sunset Through Trees 131214

Deeper Sunset Through Trees 131214

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Aldermaston Sunset

As mentioned in my last (brief) post ‘A Sneak Peek’ here are some of the other photos I took last Sunday when out in Berkshire, enjoying the beautiful late afternoon and the fantastic Aldermaston sunset.

All of these bar the last 2 were taken with my Canon as we followed a path that lead from the Village Store out between fields towards Sulhamstead. Definitely an area I want to go back to and explore a little more.

Aldermaston itself is a quaint little village nestled between Burghfield and Tadley and, although steeped in history dating back as far as the 11th century it is probably more well known for the CND marches.

The final 2 photos were taken using my iPhone when I collected my car from Wasing Barn Park that evening.
As usual, click the image to enlarge 🙂

Blue Skies at Aldermaston

Aldermaston Sunset 1

Aldermaston Sunset 2

Aldermaston Sunset 3

Aldermaston Sunset 4

Aldermaston Sunset 5

Sunset at Wasing Park

Trees in Wasing

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Sneak Peek

Unusual for me to post on a Monday but I wanted to upload this sneak peak photo. My hungover wife and I went for a walk near Aldermaston yesterday and we were treated to a fantastic sunset. I took this shot with my iPhone after collecting my car from Wasing Park Barn.
I’ll upload the rest of the photos throughout this week.
(click to enlarge)

Sunset at Wasing Park

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