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Frost, a sunrise and as usual a tree or 2

We’ve been lucky to have some great weather recently (seems odd saying this as I look out the window as I write, the trees bending in the strong gusts and the rain blowing against the window…) today’s post has frost, a sunrise and as usual a tree or 2.

So, without further ado (i’m not into writing long blogs I guess!!!), here are today’s offerings, I hope you like them.

Please feel free to leave any comments…

Over the Lake TM LR

Over the Lake 2 TM LR

Clouds & Pylons LR2 TM

Canal LR_TM

Frosty Fields LR Grad Filt Photomatix & Crop

Sunrise & Trees TM LR

Sunrise 1 TM LR

Sunrise over Farm TM PS

Firlands Tree at Sunset LR

Sunrise over Hill LR Crop Sharp

Tall Tree Niksoft HDR LR

Ufton Nervet Tree Sunset Nat TM LR

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A Catch Up

Hi, it’s been a while since my last blog, just been getting over Christmas and New Year and this week getting over a touch of man ‘flu!

So this post is really just a catch up of photos I’ve taken in the meantime, or re-edited photos I’ve done seeing as the weather here hasn’t really been too kind.

So, these two photos are re-edits of photos I originally took back in May last year. When I originally edited them it was all done on my phone and, looking back now they were quite over-saturated and a bit garish. Hopefully they’ve come out a little better this time;

Different Tree Avenue Done

Tree Avenue 2

The next 3 are photos I revisited from my Wasing Park stint a couple of months ago. I usually take a whole heap of photos when I go somewhere. I’ll normally post up 5 or 6 leaving me with a few spare photos I can come back to should I run out of material or if the weather is crap!

Wasing Park Road Done

Wasing Park House Done

Wasing Park Tree Done

Next up are a couple of shots of just random stuff, not from any particular photo shoot. The first is a field in Trash Green, the second a couple of houses in Aldermaston;

Field & House Done

Houses in Aldermaston

And so, the weekend just gone we took a trip to visit some good friends down in Bampton, Devon. On the Sunday we took our dogs and went walking, taking in some gorgeous countryside.

Lonely Tree LR


Sun DeFlared Cropped Done

Walkers 1

Tree & Sun Mapped & LR


Bampton War Memorial Sharpened

St Michael & All Angels 2 LR

Bampton Road Sharpened

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