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Charter Alley, Sulhamstead, Ufton Nervet

As promised last Sunday, I have some more photos to post up. The weather seems to be getting a little better as we ease out, away from Winter and edge towards the warmer Spring ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday saw me out and about taking a few shots of the surrounding areas of Burghfield travelling to such exotic places as Charter Alley, Sulhamstead, Ufton Nervetย as I tried and tested out my new polarising filter.

Before I post those up, I re-edited one of my favourite photos from our honeymoon; a gorgeous sunset over the Arabian Sea at Calangute…this was taken back in 2003 on an at-that-time pretty high spec Sony Cyber Shot camera. I bet its spec pale considerably against today’s point and press devices!

Calangute Sunset 2_tonemapped Edit

So in the late morning/early afternoon I took a drive out of Burghfield, headed through Tadley and out towards Basingstoke. Along the stretch of the A340 I turned off towards a place called Charter Alley where I grabbed a few pics of pylons and clouds. I’m hoping to get back there soon as there are some great little areas I want to capture;

Charter Alley Pylon

Charter Alley Clouds

After coming back to base for a bite to eat I decided to venture out again, I headed for Sulhamstead where there was an amazing cloud just sat above the horizon as I looked out. I hope I captured its awesomeness;

BnW Clouds over Sulhamstead LR

Full Cloud Formation over Sulhamstead NIKPS

Clouds over Sulhamstead LR

From there I carried on down past the Spring Inn, onto the Bath Road (A4) then turned up towards Ufton Nervet, which seems to be one of my favourite go-to places. It just seems so quaint and idyllic as well as having one of the most photogenic trees ๐Ÿ™‚

Ufton Tree & Cloud NIK

Ufton Tree and Bushes

Ufton Tree Top&Bottom

Ufton Tree to the Left

Ufton Field & Flare

Ufton House & Field NIK LR

I still have a few more photos to go through so hopefully I’ll be posting up a few more at some point this week. Until, thanks for stopping by and please do feel free to leave any comments, I’d love to know what you think ๐Ÿ™‚

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Random photos

Well, given the drizzley and cold weather outside I thought I’d post up a few random photos that I had stockpiled for just such an occasion. These were taken between a month and few weeks ago and recently edited from my ‘rainy day’ stash.

Wokingham Sunrise Again

Frosty Wokingham Sunrise

Sulhamstead Sunset & Pylon

Sulhamstead Sunset

Aldermaston Sun Flare

Aldermaston Track

Sun Setting over Field in Ufton Nervet

Sunsetting in Ufton Nervet

Winter Trees in Ufton Nervet

Winter Trees

ย Firlands Sunset with Horses No Sig

Firlands Sunset with Horses

I posted this one up on the Burghfield Community Facebook page who then asked if they could use it as their cover photo for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

I have some more photos to post up, but will save them for later ๐Ÿ™‚

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A few of the sunset last Sunday

Hi again, just wanted to pop on to post up a few of the sunset last Sunday. After spending the day with friends at Dinton Pastures the evening presented us with a glorious sunset which I managed to grab a few shots of from a great little vantage point in Ufton Nervet…

The first couple were taken with my 10-18mm lens whist the third was taken from inside my car using my standard kit lens (18-55mm)

Sunset Over Trees
Deeper Sunset Over Trees

Final Sunset




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Ufton Nervet and Dinton Pastures

I’m back ๐Ÿ™‚

A few photos this time around from Ufton Nervet and Dinton Pastures.

I didn’t realise just how sprawling the little village of Ufton Nervet is until this weekend. It’s not too far from where I live in West Berkshire. It can be found in the Doomsday Book in 1089 asย Offetune.

I drove around some of the little single track lanes looking for somewhere to pull over and grab a photo or two, no doubt I’ll be frequenting this charming little area again.

Ufton Nervet Sunset over Field

Ufton Nervet Field

Ufton Nervet Road

Trees over River

Other Side of the Bridge

On my way to Ufton Nervet I had to stop off and grab a shot of a very curious horse…

Horse in Sulhamstead

This one is a rather grand school situated just outside Newbury and Hermitage. right in the middle of nowhere but a beautiful building none the less. I’d have loved to have gone here given the fantastic scenery it’s surrounded by. Brockhurst School….

Brockhurst School

The photo below is a shot looking across the great lake in Dinton Pastures, just outside Wokingham. We took a walk around there yesterday with some friends of ours and enjoyed the wonderful weather we had.

Dinton Lake

The few photos remaining are some random photos that I have taken over the last few weeks, I was saving them up for a rainy day…

First up is a shot of Shinfield, in between Reading and Wokingham, taken on a misty morning and edited with Niksoft; my first attempt using that software.

Shinfield Revisited Niksoft HDR LR

Some may recognise the beautifully rolling countryside as that of Bampton in Devon. Again this was edited using Niksoft;

Rolling Bampton Hills Niksoft LR tm

And this was a shot I took when I was walking through Aldermaston a few weeks ago, a great derelict house left rotting away on the corner of some land owned by a conference centre. Such a shame to see a characterful house go to waste…

Derelict House Niksoft LR Sharp


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