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Photos from last week

Happy Sunday folks, hoping you’re all well 🙂

Below are some photos from last week whilst I was out and about around the vicinity. Oh, there’s a flash back photo also from the place where we got married; the Painswick Hotel in Stroud. Definitely a place I’d like to go back and visit, nestled as it was in beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, very picturesque.

Since I’m talking about that photo, I’ll post that one first 🙂

Painswick View_tonemapped LR

View from the bridal suite, Painswick Hotel (sadly no longer a hotel)

Ufton Nervet Tree Clump

UN Tree Long Expo Cloud

Ufton Tree Long Ex Cloud Done

Ufton Tree and Tall Tree_tmLR

UN Tree with Sun

These 5 are from Ufton Nervet

Charter Alley Tree At Junction

Charter Alley Tree

Ufton Junction NIK LR

Junction amongst trees in Ufton Nervet



The 2 photos above were take on the A340 between Burghfield and Aldermaston

Trash Green Field DXO

Corner of a field in Trash Green

Grazeley Trees 3

Grazeley Trees

Grazeley Trees 4

Grazeley Trees 2

4 shots of beautiful oak trees in Grazeley

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My usual haunts

Well the weather has dictated once more how much or how little I can get out; it’s been a bit hit and miss the last few weeks with most of the decent weather happening during the working week. Typical 🙂 Roll on Spring Time…not long to go now until the clocks go forward which means lighter evenings so I can get out for longer…

Still, I did manage to venture out once or twice, nowhere special, just the usual places (I really need to explore new places…) but in the meantime here’s a few photos from the last couple of weeks from my usual haunts…

Charter Alley Church

This is a quaint little church I happened across somewhere between Monk Sherborne and Charter Alley, Hampshire

Charter Alley Junction_tonemappedLRsharpLR

Charter Alley Tree & Road NIKLR

These 2 are from Charter Alley; a lovely little place nestled between Basingstoke and Tadley, Hampshire

Dinton Lake NIKLRSharp

A random shot of Dinton Pastures from a few weeks ago.

Sunset over the Beacon NIKLR

A proper flashback photo taken a good while ago at Appley Bridge, Lancashire

Ramsdell Trees

Ramsdell Road DXOSHARPLR

These 2 are from a little place near Charter Alley called Ramsdell

Grazely Tree_tm LR1

Grazeley, near Burghfield, West Berkshire

Gate in Aldermaston_tonemappedAldermaston

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Ramsdell, Charter Alley & Shinfield

Hi, I’m not going to launch into an essay today, just going to get straight down to the photos.

These were taken in Ramsdell, Charter Alley & Shinfield over the last week or so. Hope you like them…

Ramsdell Sky

Ramsdell Road

The 2 above are from Ramsdell

All Saints Church Monk Sherborne

Charter Alley Trees_tonemapped LRSharp

These are from Charter Alley

Ufton Tree & Field

Gate into Field

These 2 are from Ufton Nervet

Shinfield Sunset_tonemapped LR

Shinfield Sunset Weeds_tonemappedLR

These 2 are from Shinfield

Grazely Sunset NikLR

And this is from Grazely

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