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A day at the coast

Yay, it’s Monday again!
This week’s photos are from a couple of weeks ago when we decided to spend a day at the coast as the weather was pretty amazing.
We plugged West Wittering into the sat nav and decided against taking the quickest motorway route, opting instead for the shortest route which turned out to take a couple of hours but took us through some great, quaint little villages and unexpectedly past one of my old local pubs The Passfield Oak.

En route we stopped off at Woolbeding, below are a few shots of the manor;

Woolbeding Gardens_tmLR

Woolbeding Road & Wall NIKLR

We got to West Wittering just after 1pm and the beach wasn’t too busy. The last time I visited West Wittering must be about 23-24 years ago and I’m glad to say that it hasn’t changed too much, it’s still a beautiful stretch of sandy beach that hasn’t been ruined by over-zealous property businesses looking to cash in. I’d heard that back in the 1920s a group of about 300 locals bought this stretch of land and vowed never to sell it so that it can remain a great spot to visit.

Beach Huts on West Wittering Beach

Beach Long Expo

West Wittering Letterbox

West Wittering Mono

West Wittering Not Letterbox

Wittering Beach Clouds 2 NIKLR

Beach Shot LR

Boats in Bay


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Thatcham and Aldermaston

Hi, hope you’re lucky enough to be enjoying this little heatwave we have over this little island of ours 🙂
Got some photos of Thatcham and Aldermaston this week.

A few weeks ago I had to take my daughter to an evening ballet class. It wasn’t too long after the clocks had gone forwards for Summertime which meant, if the weather was decent enough I’d be out of work in time for some decent sunset shots.

Whilst waiting for my daughter to finish her class I managed to get the following shots fired off. They were taken just outside Thatcham and just off the A4 Bath Road.

Sunset near Thatcham 2

Sunset near Thatcham PSLR

Sunset near Thatcham 4

Sunset near Thatcham 3

The following photos were taken on a gorgeous Saturday morning, again coming back from Thatcham (yep, we spend a lot of our time going backwards and forwards to Thatcham!!!).

Rather than coming back straight along the dull A4 I ducked off down a country road without really knowing where I was going. Coming to a lay-by next to a private fishing lake I fired off a shot of this majestic old tree.

Aldermaston Tree_tmLR

Turns out the road I’d taken took me to Aldermaston (via Wasing Park where I’ve shot a few photos previously) so I drove through the village and headed down to Foulds Lane to take the two shots below.

Railway Foulds Lane

Clouds over Railway Foulds Lane

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like the photos. Why not leave a message in the comments, it’d be great to get some feedback 🙂


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It’s been a couple of weeks

Hi, I thought my site was ready for some more photos as it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted some up.

Barkham Bridge_tmLR

Barkham Field

Shetlands Alik4 TM

These 3 above were taken in Barkham, a small village just outside Wokingham. There are loads of farms and stables around Barkham and Wokingham. The Shetlands in the 3rd photo were so cute.

Plastow Green Field & Houses

Gated Field Plastow Green

Horses in Plastow Hill_tm LR

Single File Lane Plastow Green_tmLR

After dropping my daughter off at ballet one Saturday morning I took a drive out into the surrounding countryside of Thatcham and found a place called Plastow Green, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere but exceptionally pretty and picturesque.

Pineapple Pub NIKLRSHARP

This is The Pineapple pub, just outside Aldermaston in a small village called Brimpton Common. Been in here a few times now and it’s a great little pub, very friendly and serves a great pint 🙂 Dating back some 900 years, it’s mentioned in the Domesday Book. It gets its name not from the tropical fruit, but the local name for pine cones.

Sun Shining over Grazeley

Sun Through Tree in GG_tmLR

These 2 were taken between Beech Hill and Grazeley.

Sulhamstead Sunset & Horses

Sulhamstead Sunset
And to round things off for this post, these 2 above were taken from Sulhamstead.

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