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It’s that time of the week once more! Hope you all had a great Bank Holiday and the working week is being kind to you 🙂

Before the main set of photos from Silchester, here are a couple of photos of a beautiful cloud formation I took a few months ago at Sulhamstead, followed by a snap of a house along the River Kennet down at Sheffield Bottom near Theale;

Old Cloud 2 NIKPS

Old Cloud NIK

House on Canal TMLR

Today’s offering is from a walk around the site of an old Roman town called Calleva Atrebatum. Now the site of Silchester, the university still conducts excavations in the area, but it’s a lovely walk around the ruins of the Roman wall that surrounded and protected the town.

Gated Sky

Silchester 2 LR

Silchester 3

Silchester 4

Silchester 5 TMLR

Silchester 6

Silchester Wall

Silchester 10 St Mary the Virgin NIKLR

Silchester 11 St Mary the Virgin NIKLR

I loved this beautiful looking church – St Mary the Virgin. Built just within the surrounding walls and dating back to the 12th or 13th Century, possibly on the site of a Roman temple, it is believed that it was built using Roman materials.
Again, if you want to know a little more about Silchester, then take a look here.

Silchester 7

Silchester 9 Sheep TMLR

Silchester 8

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Sunset & Vyne

Hi there and happy Wednesday!

For this week’s post Sunset & Vyne I have a few photos of a beautiful sunset from a few weeks ago in Sulhamstead, and some photos of my daughter and Maya, our Rhodesian Ridgeback which I took a week or so ago on a gorgeous early evening dog walk around The Vyne in Hampshire.

That’s really all I need to say for this post, hopefully the photos will speak for themselves. As always thanks for taking time out to have a look at my site. All feedback is welcome, either using the comments box below or dropping me an email 🙂

Sulhamstead View

Sulhamstead Sunset 1

Sulhamstead Sunset









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Farnham Castle

Hi there!

It’s been a good few weeks since I last posted any photos and I’ve missed grabbing photos with my camera,  so am happy to find myself once again in a position where I have some pics to post and a few words to say 🙂

The photos I’m posting up today are of some buildings I snapped a few weeks ago when I took a drive out through Fleet, towards Odiham and then on to Farnham, my old stomping ground many years ago to have a look at Farnham Castle!

Lonely Stable in Upton Grey

Rosemary Cottage Upton Grey

Footpath Sign

These three photos above were taken in a small little village called Upton Grey which sits on the line of a Roman Line; The Chichester to Silchester Way. Its name is derived from the family name de Grey, who lived here in Norman times, used to distinguish this village from the many other Uptons around the country. It may or may not be of interest to you to know that there are 36 or so places in the UK alone with the name Upton.

So on to Farnham Castle, built in 1138 by the grandson of William the Conqueror it became the home to the Bishops of Winchester for some 800 years.

Rather than me regurgitating info, take a look at the Wiki entry for Farnham Castle here. 🙂

Farnham Keep Vertical

Farnham Castle Long Expo Blue Sky Edit

Farnham Castle Again_tonemapped

Gatehouse Vertical

The 2 shots below were taken from the park just outside the castle walls.


Trees in Farnham Park

Tree Avenue in Farnham

Thanks for taking the time out to visit my site, I hope you enjoyed and hopefully it won’t be as long again before I post some more up 🙂

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