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Upper Bucklebury

Hi there, how is your Wednesday going?

Got some more photos to show you, taken in Upper Bucklebury.

However, the first photo is of Pamber Priory taken a good few weeks ago but I only got around to editing recently (actually, I think I may revisit some of my older photos as I’m sure there may be a nugget or two in there…)

Pamber Priory TMLR

We drive past this building whenever we go to visit friends in Basingstoke although it’s set a fair way back from the A340 and you can only see the top of the building, each time we do I promise myself a visit to get some more snaps of it.

Ok, so on to Bucklebury.

With the evenings being lighter and the weather behaving itself (for the most part!) I’ve been exploring the quaint areas around Thatcham, West Berkshire and discovered a beautiful little place called Bucklebury.

My first find was Upper Bucklebury where I took the following shots over a two week period;

Upper Bucklebury Flare TMLR

Upper Bucklebury View 1 TMLR

Upper Bucklebury View 2 TMLR

Upper Bucklebury View 3 Golden Hour 2 TMLR

Upper Bucklebury View 4 Painterly 2 TMLR

Bucklebury Framed Field Painterly 2 TMLR

Bucklebury Valley Flare Mall TMLR

Deer in Upper Bucklebury

Upper Bucklebury Field Painterly 2 TMLR

Upper Bucklebury Sun Flare 3 Merged

My next post will have some photos from Bucklebury. Until then thanks for taking the time out to look at the photos, I hope you liked them.

Please do leave any comments in the text box below 🙂



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Hampshire Sunset

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday. I trust you’re well?

Gonna keep it short and sweet today and head straight to the photos; these photos of a Hampshire sunset were taken a couple of weeks ago somewhere along the A339 between Basingstoke and Newbury, and Randsell.

I hope you like them. As usual please feel free to leave your comments in the text box, let me know if there’s anything you particularly like or dislike 🙂

Trees at Pamber Priory TMLR

Cat Profile LR

Early Sunset in Charter Alley TMLR

A339 Sunset Couch

Ramsdell Sunset 3

Ramsdell Sunset 1

Burghfield Sunset

Ramsdell Sunset 2 TMLR

Ramsdell Sunset 4 TMLR



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Sunsets, Silchester and Englefield

Hi again, Wednesday has come around again and I have a few more photos to share with you. No particular theme this week, a veritable wish-mash from the last couple of weeks really made up essentially of Sunsets, Silchester and Englefield.

Usually I’ll only use photos from one set of edited photos but this week I’m using 2 sets.

The first set has a couple of left-overs from my Silchester walk along with a few sunsets shot from Trash Green, I guess it would be called a hamlet just around the corner from where I live.

Silchester Tree TMLR

Silchester Tree 2 LR

Silchester Gardfen TMLR

Lambs TMLR

So these four above were edited after I posted my last blog on here.

Grazely Field TMLR

This shot was taken in Grazely Green, I love open fields and clouds 🙂

Burghfield Field & Branches NIKLR

Burghfield Sunset

Burghfield Sunset 2 TMLR

And these 3 were taken from Folly Lane in Trash Green

 And the final 3 photos are from Englefield, a small village close to Theale. Giving their name to this place, apparently the Englefield family lived here since the reign of King Egbert in AD803, according to details found here. More information can be found here

St Mark's Church

Englefield View Blues PS

St Mark's Church Vertical TMLR

As always, thank you for taking time out to look at my photos and read my words, any feedback good or bad is always welcome, please make that little text box happy by adding a few words of your own 🙂

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