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A Grazeley farm and some older pics

Hi again and once more a little later than usual here are some more photos, this time based around a Grazeley farm and some older pics.

I’ll do the older pics first;

Butterfly LR

Grasshopper LRAbove, a re-edit of two older pics, originally from a couple of years ago I think.

Below is a Thatcham at dusk photo…

Old Thatcham Sunset LR

Ufton Nervet Tree TM Painterl 2 LR

Old Ufton Nervet Tree LR


The 2 photos above were taken in Ufton Nervet.

Woolbeding Tree Avenue TMLR

Above is a photo I took in Woolbeding on our way to West Wittering a few months ago. It was an appreciation post originally for a feature I got on Instagram.

Grazeley Trees Cat TM LR

A dreamy photo taken in Grazeley (above)

And the rest were taken again in Grazeley. I drive past this little farm on the junction of Mereoak Lane every day and I’ve wanted to grab a few shots of it for ages. I hope you like them.

I have to fess up and say the black and white image is made up of 3 or 4 photos taken at different expoures. The horse moved slightly between shots so looks a bit weird!

BnW Farm Grazeley LR

Horses in Field Colour Vinbrant TMLR

HOrses in Field SilverLR

Grazeley Farm NIK LR

Well that wraps it up for another week. I have some photos of Douai Abbey next time.

As always your feedback and comments are always welcome so please help yourselves to a comment box before you go 🙂

In case you missed the announcement last week I’ve now got selected photos available to buy through photobox. Click here to see what’s currently available.



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More Shots from West Berks

Hi, usually I’d have posted these photos much earlier but a busy day meant I didn’t get time, so a little later than normal here are this week’s offerings.

In time honoured tradition I’ll start with a throw-back photo; this week it’s from a few months ago when I was down at West Wittering. I loved the negative and positive space in this photo;

Man on Beach LR

And, just ‘cos, here’s something of a rarity; a selfie….

Selfie With Camera

Ok so now the main course, more shots from West Berks, including Midgham and Bucklebury. I’m not going to ramble on so much, rather I’ll just let the photos do the talking – I hope you enjoy them;

Bucklebury Treed Framed TMLR

Flat Bottomed Tree LR

Light Trail Tree LR

Midgham Tree TM Merged PSLR

Midgham View Snow 7 TMLR

Midgham View 2 LR Merged TM

Midgham View 3 TMLR

Cows Calves and Clouds PSLR

Cows Calves and Clouds 2 TMLR

Cow & Gate Zoomed PSTMLR

Cows under Clouds NIKLR

Bucklebury Meadows Late Evening LR

Thanks for looking.

I now have prints for sale, just head to the Photo Prints for Sale page and have a look and see if any of them catch your eye 🙂

Until next week… 🙂

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Sunsets and Trees

Hi again, doesn’t time fly? I hope your week has been a good one and, despite the rubbishy weather (certainly here in the UK) the last few days you’re enjoying the Summer.

As promised last week, I have some more Bucklebury and surrounding area photos, as well as some sunsets and trees to show you, so I’m not going to wax lyrical today, just on with the show, as it were 🙂

Cold Ash Field & Tree LR

Cold Ash Sheep & Trees TMLR

Cold Ash Tree

Cold Ash Sun & Clouds Deep TMLRThese 4 above were taken in Cold Ash, just outside Thatcham and Newbury, West Berkshire

Hill Road in Bucklebury LR Merged

Bucklebury Meadow TMLR

Upper Bucklebury Road

These 3 are from the top of a hill in Bucklebury

Tree in Bucklebury Woods

Trailer in Bucklebury Woods

Bucklebury Field Realistic Winter TMLR

…whilst these were taken in Bucklebury itself

Old Burghfield View Clouds PSTMLR

This is an old photo I took from just outside our front door that I stumbled across the other day.

Sunset Near Hose Hill

Hose Hill Pylons at Sunset

These 3 were taken a week or so ago in Trash Green, a little place just down the road from where I live, whilst the final two below were taken in Sulhamstead;

Sulhamstead Sunset Merged

Sulhamstead Weeds in Sunset

Thanks for taking the time out to look, I hope you liked them. Hopefully see you again next week 🙂


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Three Mile Cross and Sulhamstead

It’s Wednesday again, where has the time gone? And the weather? This time last week we were in the grip of a wonderful heatwave, and now…
Well I hope you’re all well despite the overcast skies outside.

As usual, I start the post off with a random shot, this is of the sky above a meadow at the bottom of a hill in Bucklebury. I took this with a Lee soft edge 0.9 ND filter and I think it came out pretty well;

Thatcham Sky LR

Ok so I promised you some photos of Three Mile Cross and Sulhamstead, so without further ado….

Sulhamstead Tree & Sky Merged PS

Crayon Sulhamstead Sky TMLR

Sulhamstead Vista PSLR

These 3 above are from Sulhamstead, just a stone’s throw away from where we live.

And these shots below are from Kybes Lane in Three Mile Cross on a beautiful summer’s evening;

Kybes Lane Road 2 THIS

Kybes Lane Sunset 2 Snow2 TMPS

Kybes Lane Sunset 3 NIKPSLR

Kybes Lane Sunset Mall TM

Kybes Lane Sunset Tree TMPS

Kybes Lane Sunset Weeds TMLR


I’ve been wandering around Bucklebury again recently, and have some more shots from that area to post up next time, so until then, take care and feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below 🙂

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Well isn’t it a scorcher out there today? Such a shame to be sat indoors working when there are beaches, swimming pools and other more fun things to be doing!

TBefore I get to Bucklebury, here’s a throwback photo from about a month ago of a sunset in Ramsdell, Hampshire;

Another Ramsdell Sunset TMLR Photographic

So on to Bucklebury, you may remember I posted up some photos of Upper Bucklebury last week? Bucklebury is a little village that lies nestled between some beautiful countryside just at the bottom of Upper Bucklebury, with some gorgeous cottages and a church.

I visited this little place twice over the last couple of weeks, the first time I took photos from around the church…

St Mary the Virgin Front Painterly2 TMPS

St Mary the Virgin Bucklebury Fort2 TMLR

St Mary the Virgin Tree4 TMPS

St Mary the Virgin parish church

Gravestones Vibrant TMLR Crop

Bucklebury Tree Person1 TMLR

DoF Rose LR

DoF Rose Close NIK

The Old Post Office TMLR

The photo above is of what once was the Post Office, now a beautiful house which backs on to the grave yard.

And this lot were taken the following week;

Trees & Clouds Simple Night TMLR

Field on Outskirts of Bucklebury TMLR

Bare Tree in Summer LR Merged

Other Gate LR Merged

No Entry Fence Cool TMLR

Bucklebury OPen Gate & Clouds Painterly 2 TMLR

Stable LR Merged PD LR

Bucklebury Stable Sunset TMLR

Bucklebury Stable at Dusk TMLR

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Thanks for the comments last week, it’s always encouraging to hear your comments 🙂

Next time I’ll post up some photos from 3 Mile Cross and Sulhamstead.



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