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Short and sweet

Hi, it’s been a good couple of weeks since I last posted up some photos. This time of year is always tricky to set some time aside for going out and grabbing a few photos. Because of that, today’s post is short and sweet. There are a few new shots I’ve taken and a couple take a while back and recently edited.

As always, clicking on the photos gives a better, high quality and larger view.

Buildings & Landscapes

I forgot that I had this shot, taken last January as I drove to work through Beech Hill. A gorgeous frosty sunrise…

Short and sweet

The shot below was taken from a place called Beenham, Near Aldermaston. It was taken on a bright, warm March day and the colours were vibrant. I must go back there and get some more photos, there’s a quaint little church and rolling fields…


Something a little more recent now, and one of my favourite photos of St David’s Cathedral. I was up near the old gatehouse building which afforded a full view of this impressive building. The clouds seemed to swirl around the tower…


And pretty much bang up to date on this short and sweet post. Taken a couple of weeks ago in Sulhamstead, just up the road from me…



And now, on to the birds..well it wouldn’t be the same without them 🙂

Starting off with the sleek, streamlined Nuthatch. Below him are a few photos of the Long Tailed Tit, then a Blue Tit and a juvenile Goldfinch.







And that’s it for this week. As I said, short and sweet, right? I hope you liked them and I’ll try to get some more for next time.

There won’t be a post next week as I’m spending a few days in Dublin. Until next time take care and thanks for looking.

Don’t forget, comments are always welcome 🙂


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