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Another week of randoms

Hi once more, I hope you’re well? Thanks for visiting, this time is another week of randoms! Typically I’ll have a week of getting out and snapping some shots and posting from 1 or 2 sources. Recently though it’s not been the case and I have to trawl through my backlog. This means one or two photos from various other sources, which is what we have today 🙂

Holiday Memories

To begin, a few photos taken whilst on break, and below is a shot I recently edited of Portrane Beach.

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Above is an edited shot of the tower at Lahinch Golf Course

Disclaimer – I am NOT a golfer 🙂

And a couple of shots left over from my summer break in Dale, Pembrokeshire. It really was a beautiful place 🙂

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

The top shot was taken along the front at Dale. Middle shot was from Marloes Beach and the bottom shot at Dale West.

Autumn in Burghfield

As titled really, these were taken a few weeks back when it really felt like Autumn was here. It was bright, crisp and fresh that day; I can still remember the sights and smells. Since then it’s just been a little on the wet and dull side…give me those blue skies again!

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Autumn Elsewhere!

A little further afield, although not too far! The top shot, taken on my phone was taken near Midgham and the bottom shot from the Discovery Centre in Newbury.

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Gotta love the tree tunnels 🙂


Ah yes, the town where I work! I took these 3 on my iPhone last Friday and edited them using a couple of apps on the phone. This takes me back a bit…

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

And..to close…

A couple of nature shots, some beautiful leaves, the ‘almost’ supermoon and a sunset at Ufton Nervet.

I took the moon shot at 17:21 last Sunday, a day before the true supermoon. I’m glad I got to take this shot because the Monday was very cloudy!

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Once again I hope you liked there photos I posted for another week of randoms. Please leave any comment for me and let me know should you wish to buy any prints 🙂

Take care,


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10 new photos

Hi folks it’s Wednesday once again and this week I have 10 new photos to post up. Not going to give too much spiel about them as I’m against the clock , but I hope you like then nonetheless.

As usual, clicking on the photos lets you see them in a little more detail. Feedback is always welcome 🙂

Part 1

The first few are remnants from my trip to Southern Ireland. They are all from my last day there and were taken around Glendalough, near Wicklow.

10 new photos

10 new photosThe top shot shows the Round Tower in the graveyard, whilst the second shot is of the monastery.

10 new photos


This shot is of the Upper Lake. I think a sepia shot gives added atmosphere sometimes.

Part 2

Autumn, I love it. The colours are amazing and vibrant and the smells of loamy earth really take me back to when I was young.

I took my daughter to Hounslow for a ballet competition the other week. Between her dances I took a little time wandering around a nearby park…

10 new photos

10 new photos

10 new photos

I’m hoping the weather will perk up a little. As I sit writing this, it’s all dull and drizzly out there!

The shot below was taken as I walked Maya along the River Kennett. Once again, Autumn reveals such stunning colours.

10 new photos

Part 3

We spent a Sunday visiting my son in Norwich a few weeks back. My wife spotted this jay hustling in the undergrowth near his uni campus. First time I’ve managed to spot and photograph one…

10 new photos

10 new photos

And finally, as you know…robins are my muse. This one especially…

10 new photos

I hope you enjoyed looking at the 10 new photos.

Until next time, be good 🙂


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From a couple of weeks ago

Surprise! It’s been some time since my last post so I’m bringing you some photos from a couple of weeks ago.

Time is of the essence so I’m not going to wax lyrical, just get straight to it 🙂


She’s such a beauty. She’s not the best model though. She’ll stand there for ages but point a camera at her and she decides to move.


Photos from the Archives

Yep, I was running low on inspiration so decided to raid my archives and found these.

1 – Taken last March it shows the sun setting behind the trees in Grazeley.


2 – This shot was from October 2015 and shows an Autumnal scene in Wasing Park.


3 – This was taken a couple of months ago on a trip to Uffington.


Wasing Park

And these were taken recently on another trip to Wasing Park. I find myself drawn to this place every now and again and this time I had a proper look around. I didn’t realise there was a nice little church around the back – St Nicholas Church which is predominantly 15th Century.




Wokefield Common

The last couple of photos for today were taken when out walking with Maya in Wokefield Common. I love the start of Autumn as the greens slowly turn orange. Such amazing colours!




And that’s it for this week. I hope you liked the photos I posted, taken from a couple of weeks ago. I know I keep nagging, but I’m always hoping to read your thoughts on my photos. Why not drop a couple of words into the text boxes and let me know what you think? 🙂

Any of my photos can be ordered for prints or on canvas or aluminium. Why not treat yourself or buy as a present?

Just let me know which ones you like and we can sort something out 🙂

Until next time take great care,



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Sulham Woods

Hi there and thanks for dropping by. It’s Wednesday once more which means more photos. Unusually for me this week I have photos from one place, and one place only… Sulham Woods.

My Mrs was shown this place by friends of ours and she took me here a couple of weekends ago and I love the place. This time of year it was so vibrant, with leaves of beautiful oranges and reds…well I’ll let the photos do the talking.

If anyone’s interested, I googled Sulham and came across this. Seems the place dates back to the 11th century

It’s only a 10 minute drive from where I live, yet another place of beauty right on the door step.

So, here we go, if you wish to see the photos in greater detail  then please click on the photos to enlarge them.

Sulham Woods Light Shafts TMLR

Sulham Woods CATMLR

Sulham Woods Sunlit Glade TMLR

Sulham Woods with Maya

Sulham Woods Row of Roots LR

Sulham Woods Other Side of Tree LR1

Sulham Woods Glade 2 TMLR

Sulham Woods Dreamy Trees LR

Sulham Woods Big Tree TMLR

Sulham Woods Autumn Branch LR

Sulham Woods Autumn Avenue

Well I’ll be back there again sometime very soon…I bet it’d look great when the frost comes, or even the snow….

Please do leave any thoughts and comments in the box below or on Facebook (depending on how you found me :)), it’d be great to see what you think, and I’ll see you next week 🙂


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