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Another week of randoms

Hi once more, I hope you’re well? Thanks for visiting, this time is another week of randoms! Typically I’ll have a week of getting out and snapping some shots and posting from 1 or 2 […]

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In and around Dale

Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. As promised some time ago, this week I’m posting up some photos from in and around Dale. We were there towards the end of July […]

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Another Random Selection

Hi there, once again it’s been a little while since I last posted here, apologies for that! Unusually I’m posting this at the start of the week as I am on annual leave today and […]

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A few photos old and new

Hi there, Wednesday has come around once more, is it me or are the weeks seeming to fly by so much quicker with the shorter hours of daylight? Well this week I have a few […]

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David Gilmour Gig and Some Randoms

Hi once again, thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a great week. After last week’s particularly verbose post I’m going to chill a bit and let my photos take centre stage. Today I’ll be […]

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Random Selection

Hi there, I trust you’re well? You might have noticed I didn’t post anything up last week? Sorry about that, the weather wasn’t very conducive to the type of photography I enjoy…as well as having […]

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