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Birds, horses and trees

Hi there, thanks for popping over to have a look at my photos. I hope you’re well and having a good week? This week I’ve been taking photos of birds, horses and trees. The weather […]

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Last Post of the Year

Hiya folks, I trust you’re all well and geared up for the festive period? This will be the last post of the year, unless we have some amazing weather between now and 2017! As usual […]

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10 new photos

Hi folks it’s Wednesday once again and this week I have 10 new photos to post up. Not going to give too much spiel about them as I’m against the clock , but I hope […]

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Short and sweet

Hi, it’s been a good couple of weeks since I last posted up some photos. This time of year is always tricky to set some time aside for going out and grabbing a few photos. Because […]

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All Over the Place

Hi once more and thanks for visiting. Is it really Wednesday again..already? I have a few photos from all over the place today, a real mish-mash 🙂 So this week I have a few from my […]

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In and around Dale

Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. As promised some time ago, this week I’m posting up some photos from in and around Dale. We were there towards the end of July […]

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