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Last Post of the Year

Hiya folks, I trust you’re all well and geared up for the festive period? This will be the last post of the year, unless we have some amazing weather between now and 2017! As usual it’s a miss-mash of photos new and old. And as usual you can enlarge them by clicking on the photo. Comments, thoughts etc are always welcome so please don’t forget to fill up a comment box 🙂


To start, a few bird pics taken in my back garden. We get loads of them flocking to the feeder which is great, I love to sit and watch them.

So the top 2 pics show a nuthatch and a couple of blue tits. The 3rd pic is a lesser spotted woodpecker. Actually, as I sit typing this, he’s back again making small work of the suet block.

Wokefield Common

Last Wednesday I was charged with taking the mutt for her morning walk. I decided to visit Wokefield Common, I hadn’t been there for a while what with the dark evenings and all. Stupidly I didn’t take my Canon. Really annoying as the fog was rising and the light shafts were incredible. At least I had my trusty iPhone…

It really was a shame I wasn’t prepared for the scene that awaited me here, but these aren’t too bad for a phone camera I guess.

Sunset at Wasing Park

Those of you who know me will know how much I love sunsets. And Wasing Park. After the joys of the light shafts in the morning, I took myself off to Aldermaston in the evening. I only managed a couple of shots but it was still worth it, I thought.

And, to Finish…

A few random shots;  The top one is a re-edit of a shot I took last September when I was in Southern Ireland. The fisherman set up and started beach casting so I fired off a couple of shots of him underneath the gathering clouds.

The shot above was taken looking out at the Burghfield Sailing Club lake.

These 2 above were taken on a very foggy morning along the River Kennet as I walked Maya.

Well, that’s it for this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my photos and I haven’t bored you too much with my meanderings.

As always, photos can be bought for prints, canvasses, aluminium or even key rings if you so wish! Just let me know which photos you like and we can work something out 🙂

All that is left for me to say is that I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and I look forward to sharing more photos with you in 2017

Last Post of the Year



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A Varied Assortment of Photos

Hi folks, hope you’re well? I haven’t posted for a week or two as photo opportunities have been very few and far between but I have amassed a varied assortment of photos since I last posted. This will also probably be my last post of the year as next Wednesday will very nearly be the day itself and I don’t foresee me getting out much between now and then.

To view larger images, please click on the photo 🙂

The first photo to show you is of the church St Matthews in Midgham. I went there a year or so ago and took a load of photos but this time it was’t a trip to visit the church specifically, I just stopped off along the A4 Bath Road on my way home from dropping my daughter off at ballet and happened to have my camera…

Midgham Church CKLR DONE

Just to show you the kind of weather we’ve been having where I am, the next shot was taken a couple of days ago near the Burghfield Sailing Club, all that gloomy and horrible white cloud…even the swans want to get away!

Burghfield Sailing Club Gloomy Day WM

And, in total contrast, this one was taken in the same week at Rosehill Lake which is literally just a stone’s throw from the Burghfield Sailing Club – just across the road in reality…

Hosehill Lake Intensify LR

The next 2 were taken on the same day as the one above….the first being from Rosehill Lake again, and the second was taken just along one of the many country roads around Burghfield.

Hosehill Lake Tree LR

Trees in Sulhampstead

The rest of my photos are ones I took a couple of days ago once we got the tree up; knowing how much of a fan I am of shallow depth of field and bokeh it will come as no surprise that the rest of the varied assortment are an exercise in those things 🙂

Xmas Tree Light

Xmas Tree Elf

Xmas Tree Elf Closer

Xmas Tree Bauble

Xmas Tree Bauble DoF


As always thank you so much for taking time out to look at my photos, I hope you like them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts the photos and website as a whole so please do leave any comments in the comments box 🙂

Over the festive break I’m going to be looking at a bit of a website redesign, something fresh for the new year.

A few of you have been kind enough to buy some of the photos I have taken, I’d love to know what you think of them on canvas and would like to say that these prints would look amazing on aluminium. Please do let me know if you’re interested in any of these [photos on any medium (canvas, aluminium, even just a print or maybe a coffee table book…)

Many thanks for your support throughout the year and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas and fantastic New Year 🙂


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7 Day Nature Challenge

Hi there, today’s post is brought to you by the 7 Day Nature Challenge which some of you might have already seen through the gift of Facebook, but some of you may not.

Just to recap, I was challenged by a great friend of mine (who also happens to be an amazing singer and performer) Stacey Kitson, to take up the challenge of posting up a nature photo every day for 7 days.

It seems right and fitting that I start with those photos, I’ll try to get them in proper daily order as well…

Web Topaz & LR

Day 1 – taken in my back garden

Berries TMLR

Day 2 – taken near the Burghfield Sailing Club

Thorns LR

Day 3 – taken in my back garden

Autumn Leaves and Husk LR

Day 4 – again taken in my back garden

Sulham Woods Other Side of Tree LR1

Day 5 – taken in Sulham Woods

Thistles LR Watermark

Day 6 – taken near Burghfield Sailing Club

Sunset Corn

Day 7 – taken in Trash Green much earlier this year 🙂

The majority of the photos above had been taken a few days before the challenge so it was great timing and an excuse to show off a few macro shots I had been practicing 🙂

We also recently had a few days of proper pea soupers. Again I took off down to the River Kennet at the Burghfield Sailing Club and grabbed a few atmospheric shots as seen below…

Foggy Reflection

Foggy Island LR

Half a Foggy Tree TMLR

The final 2 below are just to polish off another Wednesday posting. The first being another Sulham Woods shot from a few weekends back, and the second shot was taken last Sunday at All Saints Church in Swallowfield. I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination but I do find churches to be beautiful places of peace and tranquility.

Sulham Woods Trees & Shadows LR

Swallowfield Church TMLR

Well, that wraps it up for another week. I’m hoping I get the chance to get out between now and next Wednesday as I don’t have any spare photos left!

Until next time then take care. Don;t forget I have some photos up for sale, and if there are any more recent ones you’d like to purchase then please do contact me.

Any feedback is welcomed so don’t be shy, drop me an email or leave a comment here on the website.




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