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Nine more photos

Hi there, remember me? 🙂 I know it’s been a few weeks since I last posted some photos, I hope you’re well?  This week I’ve nine more photos to post up, which I hope you like.

As usual from my nine more photos there are some new and some old. Starting with the old..

Hose Hill Lake

I took these almost a year ago to the day down at Hose Hill Lake, Burghfield. It was a beautiful day, the air was so crisp and clear, perfect for taking a photo or two. Oddly I passed over these pictures back then (sometimes I take so many that this is easily done 🙂 )

Nine more photos

Nine more photos


Taken earlier this year – January to be precise – in Barkham, on the way to Wokingham. It was a wonderfully cold morning back then. I managed to grab a shot just as the sun was peeking over the hill. Perfect timing!

Nine more photos

Castle Combe

I still rate this place as one of the quaintest places I have ever visited. It’s a tine little village nestled somewhere in Wiltshire. The sky is edited to give a more interesting look, I want to go back on a better day…

Nine more photos

Another Moon

No introduction needed here….

Nine more photos


…seems like a distant memory now. We did have a good one, didn’t we? I took this on my way back from Reading, along the River Kennet. It was a beautiful day and it was the first time I’d followed the river into town.

Nine more photos

Frosty Grazeley

And these last few were taken last week, about 8am as I was driving in to work. It was one of those clear and frosty mornings that I love so much.

Nine more photos

Nine more photos

Nine more photos

And there we have it, nine more photos to add to the collection! I hope you liked them. I’m hoping that the weather gets a little more interesting in the coming week as this white cloud is a bit dull!

Until next time, take care,



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Another Random Selection

Hi there, once again it’s been a little while since I last posted here, apologies for that!

Unusually I’m posting this at the start of the week as I am on annual leave today and tomorrow – I would say enjoying the weather but for the second day running it’s pretty foggy out there!

For larger images please click on the photo 🙂

This time I have yet another random selection of photos seemly from a few various places. I think in this situation I best start off with the oldest photos first, and as usual I have a few flashback photos to begin with. These tow were taken last January in Shinfield and Barkham respectively;

Flashback Jan 2015 Field TMLR

Flashback Jan 2015 Barkham Field LR Pano TMLR

The one below is from the start of summer when I went to Castle Combe. I’l definitely be going back here again, such a beautiful place….

Castle Combe Row of Houses beartLRTMLR

These two were taken at the end of August on my trip to Wales, the top one in Aberystwyth and the one of Maya was taken on Borth Beach. Another beautiful place to spend time in. Quite possible that I’ll be back there again next year.

Aberystwyth Beach TMLR

Maya at the Beach LR

The next 3 were from Shinfield on separate early evenings, taken whilst on my way home from work using my little Lumix TZ70…

Early Evening Shinfield Sky LR

Shinfield Sunset Over Tree Watermarked LR

Shinfield Sunset Over Tree Thistles LR

This one was taken during a flying visit to Upper Bucklebury. I only got the one shot as I was literally just passing through. Another of my favourite places.

Autumnal Field in Upper Bucklebury

These next few were taken a couple of weeks ago when I discovered Paices Woods, just on the edge of Aldermaston, purely by accident. There are about 8 or 9 little fishing lakes here, very picturesque…

Paice Woods Tree in Pond bearts

Paice Park Trees NIKLR

Bench in Paices Park TMLR

Autumn Branches TMLR

And to finish I have a shot or two from Wasing Park, again just outside Aldermaston. It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon the day I took these and the ones at Paices Wood.

Wasing Park Avenue Merged

Wasing Park at Road Level TMLR

Well, once again thank you for taking time out to look at my photos. I told you it was another random selection but I hope you liked them nonetheless.

I’ll be re-jigging parts of my website int eh coming weeks and re-designing the ‘Prints for Sale’ section so please do stop by again soon.

Take care,


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Castle Combe

It’s the wonderful hump-day once more, I hope you’re having a great week?

This week I have some photos I took about midway through August when I drove down the M4 a few junctions to Castle Combe, an extremely beautiful, quaint and picturesque little village down in Wiltshire.

I’d seen a few photos of this place on the internet and had heard how it had been used in many films, including Doctor Dolittle from the ’60s,  Stardust and more recently War Horse, so really wanted to get down there and take a look around. I’m really glad I did.

There is also a famous race circuit quite near but given I only have a 1.4 Corsa I didn’t think it’d be worth taking it on the track; there’s not really that much of her to open up on a race track!

As usual here’s a random photo although this time it’s not so much an older photo from deep within the archives, but a little taster of the photos I’ll be posting up next week. Those of you who know me on Facebook will have already seen this, it was taken while I was on holiday in Wales a week or so ago, taken on the Pembrokeshire coastline near Borth, Wales;

Final Sunset at Brynowen TMLR

Ok, a couple more random photos, this time of our Ridgie Maya. This photo got me a feature on IG…which was nice 🙂 and, surprise surprise another sunset pic…

Maya at the Discovery Centre TMLR

Old Sunset LR

And so onto Castle Combe, I hope you like the pics. I do want to go back there, this time hopefully when there is blue sky so I can get the full beauty of this wonderful little village…

Castle Combe High Street TM Merged LR

Castle Combe Pano

Castle Combe Pano HDR

Castle Combe River TM Digital Enhanced LR

The 2 shots below were taken inside the beautiful little church, St Andrews.

St Andrews LR Merged NIK

St Andrews TM Merged LR

And to finish, while we were there I grabbed a few shots of my beautiful daughter who can the perfect model when she wants to be! I really love getting the shallow depth of field in these kinds of shots.




I hope you enjoyed these photos. Feel free to check out my previous posts and leave any comments in the comments boxes, I’d really love to know what you think.

As I mentioned earlier, next week I’ll have some shots of the Pembrokeshire coastline. Until then take care 🙂

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