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Some local photos

Hi there, and a belated Happy New Year to you. I hope you had a fantastic festive break and 2017 is being kind to you. For my first post of the year I thought I’d share some local photos, taken in and around Burghfield Common.

Sadly there aren’t as many as I usually post up. The weather hasn’t really been too inspiring and I’ve also had a trapped nerve in my back. Not much fun to start the year but it’s on the mend now so all good 🙂

Anyway, enough of my woes and on to the photos 🙂

Webs and fog in Wokefield Common

Just before Christmas we had a couple of days of heavy fog. The droplets on the webs in the woods were really quite pretty. The fog through the trees was quite eerie.

Reflections and light shafts near the Burghfield Sailing Club

What started off as an icy morning soon thawed as the sun emerged. The shafts of light beaming through the trees were amazing.

A couple of revisions

And, as usual a couple of older shots. The first shot is of one of the lakes at Dinton Pastures at sunset. The second was taken during the summer along the River Kennet near Theale.

An imposter

Ok, so this wasn’t taken anywhere near Burghfield Common. I wanted to share the beautiful view from my sister’s in Appley Bridge, near Wigan. I took this on New Year’s Eve 2016, and that kinda brings this post to a natural conclusion 🙂

I’d just like to thank you for your continued support throughout last year. I love reading your comments so please keep leaving them.

As usual, photos look better if you click on them and view them in larger format. They would also look infinitely better on canvas or aluminium so don’t be shy and buy a print or two 🙂



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Maya, Paddy and a robin

Hi there! Happy Wednesday, I trust you’re well and life is being good to you 🙂 This week I have a few photos of Maya, Paddy and a robin as well as a couple of left-over shots from when I went to Dinton Pastures a few weeks ago.

You’ll already know Maya, our Ridgie. Well we took a walk with friends of ours through a gorgeous place called Little London which is just on the outskirts of Silchester and Tadley, in Hampshire. Paddy is their dog, he’s a Wire Fox Terrier and is a proper handful of trouble, but he and Maya get on so well and love running, fighting and flirting with each other.

Maya, Paddy and a robin

Maya, Paddy and a robin

Maya, Paddy and a robin

Maya, Paddy and a robin

He really is as much trouble as he looks, bless him!

Up until a few weeks ago when I was wandering around Sulham Woods and photographed the Posing Robin I was not really too fussed about birds, but now it’s an area I want to get more proficient in. These 2 shots were taken from my bedroom window. They are a tad on the grainy side as I only have a 75-250mm lens and I had to zoom all the way in, then when I came to edit them I had to crop right into the image. Still, I think they came out pretty well, all things considered 🙂 What do you think?

Robin 2 z

Maya, Paddy and a robin

The next few photos were taken in Chapel Row, a lovely little place in West Berkshire. There is a fantastic tree-lined road that leads straight into Chapel Row and a little open park where I spotted a trio of ducks waddling around in;

Maya, Paddy and a robin

Maya, Paddy and a robin

Maya, Paddy and a robin

Random canal scene below…

Maya, Paddy and a robin

And, to finish, a few throw back shots of our walk around Dinton Pastures a few weeks ago…when I go out and about taking photos I always take loads. I’ll usually spend a little time editing a selection and post them up pretty much straight away. Then I’ll re-visit the album a few weeks later and usually more of them will leap out at me…

Maya, Paddy and a robin

Maya, Paddy and a robin

Maya, Paddy and a robin

Thanks for taking the time out to look at the photos of Maya, Paddy and a robin, I hope you like them. I’m always happy to hear your thoughts on them so please leave your thoughts and comments in the blank boxes below 🙂

Prints are also available to buy, just click here for a selection, or email me and tell me which ones you’re interested in. I bought an aluminium print of one of my photos and have to say it’s a beautiful medium so why not spoil yourself… 🙂

Anyways, enough of the hard sell, I hope to have some more pics up next week, so until then take care…



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Small window of opportunity

Hi, happy Wednesday and I hope you had a great Easter Bank Holiday. Don’t know about where you were, but last Friday we had some nice weather, meaning I had a small window of opportunity to take some photos, pity the rest of the Easter weekend wasn’t up to much, with plenty of wind, rain, hail and even thunder and lightning, all courtesy of Storm Katie!

Well luckily we had decided to leave the usual household stuff until the Saturday & Sunday and had a chilled day on the Friday so I took Maya down to the canal for her morning walk. Honestly, trying to get her to pose is nigh on impossible, here are a couple of half decent shots I managed to get…

Posing Maya

Maya posing 2

Yellow Flower z

Above is just a random flower I saw on the footpath near the canal, set against the dark ground the colour caught my eye….

…and below is a daffodil I shot in Beecham, a small little village near Aldermaston. Again I liked the depth of field effect…

Macro DoF shot

So in the late afternoon we decided to take stroll around Dinton Pastures; have to say it’s one of my favourite places especially on late afternoons when the sun starts to set, such a lovely scenic place.

This fella was pottering about on the lake, I like this photo as it creates such a serene atmosphere…

Lone boat on the lake

Then this dude paddled over, probably thinking I had some food to give him…

Swan in Dinton Pastures z

Last Swan z

Swan in Dinton Pastures Again z

A little further around the lake and the sun starts to dip, casting gorgeous colours across the lake…

Dinton Pastures Shore z

Maya on the Shore of Dinton z

Dinton Blazing Tree z

Dinton Framed Sunset z

Dinton Late Sunset z

I hope the fab weather we had last Friday is just a taste of things to come, I can’t wait to get out there once more and get snapping…

As always I hope you have enjoyed the photos I’ve posted. Please let me know what you thought by typing some words into the comments box, feedback is always welcome.

Also, if you’re interested in buying prints, canvasses or print on any other media then please let me know. I’ve had some great feedback from those who have bought my photos 🙂

Until next time, take care,



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My usual haunts

Well the weather has dictated once more how much or how little I can get out; it’s been a bit hit and miss the last few weeks with most of the decent weather happening during the working week. Typical 🙂 Roll on Spring Time…not long to go now until the clocks go forward which means lighter evenings so I can get out for longer…

Still, I did manage to venture out once or twice, nowhere special, just the usual places (I really need to explore new places…) but in the meantime here’s a few photos from the last couple of weeks from my usual haunts…

Charter Alley Church

This is a quaint little church I happened across somewhere between Monk Sherborne and Charter Alley, Hampshire

Charter Alley Junction_tonemappedLRsharpLR

Charter Alley Tree & Road NIKLR

These 2 are from Charter Alley; a lovely little place nestled between Basingstoke and Tadley, Hampshire

Dinton Lake NIKLRSharp

A random shot of Dinton Pastures from a few weeks ago.

Sunset over the Beacon NIKLR

A proper flashback photo taken a good while ago at Appley Bridge, Lancashire

Ramsdell Trees

Ramsdell Road DXOSHARPLR

These 2 are from a little place near Charter Alley called Ramsdell

Grazely Tree_tm LR1

Grazeley, near Burghfield, West Berkshire

Gate in Aldermaston_tonemappedAldermaston

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Ufton Nervet and Dinton Pastures

I’m back 🙂

A few photos this time around from Ufton Nervet and Dinton Pastures.

I didn’t realise just how sprawling the little village of Ufton Nervet is until this weekend. It’s not too far from where I live in West Berkshire. It can be found in the Doomsday Book in 1089 as Offetune.

I drove around some of the little single track lanes looking for somewhere to pull over and grab a photo or two, no doubt I’ll be frequenting this charming little area again.

Ufton Nervet Sunset over Field

Ufton Nervet Field

Ufton Nervet Road

Trees over River

Other Side of the Bridge

On my way to Ufton Nervet I had to stop off and grab a shot of a very curious horse…

Horse in Sulhamstead

This one is a rather grand school situated just outside Newbury and Hermitage. right in the middle of nowhere but a beautiful building none the less. I’d have loved to have gone here given the fantastic scenery it’s surrounded by. Brockhurst School….

Brockhurst School

The photo below is a shot looking across the great lake in Dinton Pastures, just outside Wokingham. We took a walk around there yesterday with some friends of ours and enjoyed the wonderful weather we had.

Dinton Lake

The few photos remaining are some random photos that I have taken over the last few weeks, I was saving them up for a rainy day…

First up is a shot of Shinfield, in between Reading and Wokingham, taken on a misty morning and edited with Niksoft; my first attempt using that software.

Shinfield Revisited Niksoft HDR LR

Some may recognise the beautifully rolling countryside as that of Bampton in Devon. Again this was edited using Niksoft;

Rolling Bampton Hills Niksoft LR tm

And this was a shot I took when I was walking through Aldermaston a few weeks ago, a great derelict house left rotting away on the corner of some land owned by a conference centre. Such a shame to see a characterful house go to waste…

Derelict House Niksoft LR Sharp


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