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Birds, horses and trees

Hi there, thanks for popping over to have a look at my photos. I hope you’re well and having a good week? This week I’ve been taking photos of birds, horses and trees. The weather has been cold but beautiful so I managed to get out for the first time in a while.

And so we’ll delve straight in. Remember, click on the photo to view a larger image, they look better that way 🙂


As you’re well aware by now, I love the birds 🙂 I took a walk along Silchester Wall a couple of weeks ago and chanced upon a friendly robin. He was happy enough to pose a moment whilst I snapped him on a fence and then on a headstone.

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

And with the cold weather comes the birds looking for a snack. This blue tit was on the feeder for a good few minutes. Most of the time they flit on and off very briefly, I think he must have been hungry!

Birds, horses and trees


I’d missed out on some amazing winter sunrises recently. I finally got my act together and took my camera in to work with me. Along the way I stopped off near Amner’s Farm and these are the results;

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

And last weekend I took a stroll over at Whitehill, near Kingsclere and saw these two horses…

Birds, horses and trees


And of course you know of my fondness for trees, the lungs of the earth 🙂 The first photo was taken on New Year’s Day up in Appley Bridge.

Birds, horses and trees

The next two were shot near Beech Hill in West Berkshire

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

And the final 2 I took last weekend at Whitehill

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

And that brings to an end my post of birds, horses and trees. I hope you liked them. As always, you can order prints of these or any others on my website. Just drop me an email and let me know which ones.


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Short and sweet

Hi, it’s been a good couple of weeks since I last posted up some photos. This time of year is always tricky to set some time aside for going out and grabbing a few photos. Because of that, today’s post is short and sweet. There are a few new shots I’ve taken and a couple take a while back and recently edited.

As always, clicking on the photos gives a better, high quality and larger view.

Buildings & Landscapes

I forgot that I had this shot, taken last January as I drove to work through Beech Hill. A gorgeous frosty sunrise…

Short and sweet

The shot below was taken from a place called Beenham, Near Aldermaston. It was taken on a bright, warm March day and the colours were vibrant. I must go back there and get some more photos, there’s a quaint little church and rolling fields…


Something a little more recent now, and one of my favourite photos of St David’s Cathedral. I was up near the old gatehouse building which afforded a full view of this impressive building. The clouds seemed to swirl around the tower…


And pretty much bang up to date on this short and sweet post. Taken a couple of weeks ago in Sulhamstead, just up the road from me…



And now, on to the birds..well it wouldn’t be the same without them 🙂

Starting off with the sleek, streamlined Nuthatch. Below him are a few photos of the Long Tailed Tit, then a Blue Tit and a juvenile Goldfinch.







And that’s it for this week. As I said, short and sweet, right? I hope you liked them and I’ll try to get some more for next time.

There won’t be a post next week as I’m spending a few days in Dublin. Until next time take care and thanks for looking.

Don’t forget, comments are always welcome 🙂


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First frosty morning

Hi folks, I hope you’re having a fabulous week? Not sure about wherever you are in the world, but here in deepest, darkest West Berkshire we had our first frosty morning which made me happy, I love seeing the countryside in the grip of a frost, so picturesque, pretty and reminds me of growing up where the world would turn into a magical place.

The morning in question, last Monday, I only had my little Panasonic on me so the quality isn’t really up to much, certainly not as clear and sharp as my Canon but I hope they convey the idea I wanted when I took the photos.

As usual though, here is a selection of randoms. Thought I’d start off with Maya, our Ridgie. I’ve not posted a pic up of her for a while. Such a beautiful animal;

Maya TM

I took this a couple of weeks ago when I was wandering around All Saints Church in Swallowfield; I still love doing the shallow depth of field shots…

Swallowfield Church Bench IntLR

And this one I took from the top of the road near where I live, looking off towards Reading in the distance…

Clay Hill Road TMLR

And so on to the first frosty morning last Monday. The first three were taken in Beech Hill, a little village just outside Mortimer, then the next couple were taken at Farley Hill, just outside Arborfield and Wokingham;

Beech Hill Frosty Morning LR

Beech Hill Frosty Morning 2 TMLR

Beech Hill Frosty Sky IntLR

Farley Hill Sunrise NIKLR

Farley Hill Sunrise LR

As always I hope you enjoyed this weeks photos. To view larger images just click on the photo 🙂

Have a great week and hope to see you again next week. Until take care 🙂



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