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Nine more photos

Hi there, remember me? 🙂 I know it’s been a few weeks since I last posted some photos, I hope you’re well?  This week I’ve nine more photos to post up, which I hope you like.

As usual from my nine more photos there are some new and some old. Starting with the old..

Hose Hill Lake

I took these almost a year ago to the day down at Hose Hill Lake, Burghfield. It was a beautiful day, the air was so crisp and clear, perfect for taking a photo or two. Oddly I passed over these pictures back then (sometimes I take so many that this is easily done 🙂 )

Nine more photos

Nine more photos


Taken earlier this year – January to be precise – in Barkham, on the way to Wokingham. It was a wonderfully cold morning back then. I managed to grab a shot just as the sun was peeking over the hill. Perfect timing!

Nine more photos

Castle Combe

I still rate this place as one of the quaintest places I have ever visited. It’s a tine little village nestled somewhere in Wiltshire. The sky is edited to give a more interesting look, I want to go back on a better day…

Nine more photos

Another Moon

No introduction needed here….

Nine more photos


…seems like a distant memory now. We did have a good one, didn’t we? I took this on my way back from Reading, along the River Kennet. It was a beautiful day and it was the first time I’d followed the river into town.

Nine more photos

Frosty Grazeley

And these last few were taken last week, about 8am as I was driving in to work. It was one of those clear and frosty mornings that I love so much.

Nine more photos

Nine more photos

Nine more photos

And there we have it, nine more photos to add to the collection! I hope you liked them. I’m hoping that the weather gets a little more interesting in the coming week as this white cloud is a bit dull!

Until next time, take care,



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From a couple of weeks ago

Surprise! It’s been some time since my last post so I’m bringing you some photos from a couple of weeks ago.

Time is of the essence so I’m not going to wax lyrical, just get straight to it 🙂


She’s such a beauty. She’s not the best model though. She’ll stand there for ages but point a camera at her and she decides to move.


Photos from the Archives

Yep, I was running low on inspiration so decided to raid my archives and found these.

1 – Taken last March it shows the sun setting behind the trees in Grazeley.


2 – This shot was from October 2015 and shows an Autumnal scene in Wasing Park.


3 – This was taken a couple of months ago on a trip to Uffington.


Wasing Park

And these were taken recently on another trip to Wasing Park. I find myself drawn to this place every now and again and this time I had a proper look around. I didn’t realise there was a nice little church around the back – St Nicholas Church which is predominantly 15th Century.




Wokefield Common

The last couple of photos for today were taken when out walking with Maya in Wokefield Common. I love the start of Autumn as the greens slowly turn orange. Such amazing colours!




And that’s it for this week. I hope you liked the photos I posted, taken from a couple of weeks ago. I know I keep nagging, but I’m always hoping to read your thoughts on my photos. Why not drop a couple of words into the text boxes and let me know what you think? 🙂

Any of my photos can be ordered for prints or on canvas or aluminium. Why not treat yourself or buy as a present?

Just let me know which ones you like and we can sort something out 🙂

Until next time take great care,



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Been a while

Hi there, well it’s been a while since I last posted anything on my website, mainly down to rubbishy weather and lack of time to get out and take many photos. With the clocks going forwards as we go into Springtime hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder as I really miss being outside taking photos.

Just a few photos to post up really but I hope you like them nonetheless. Starting off with a few flower shots which I took while practicing some close ups;

Flowers 2

Flowers 1


Then a couple of our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Maya, such a cutie but trying to get her to stay still without bribing her with snacks is a bit of a pain 🙂

Just Maya

Maya HDR

And keeping the animal theme going, some lovely horses in a field in Sulhamstead, just up the road from where I live. I got talking to the owners while I was there and the guy said if any of my photos came out well he’d be interested in seeing them, we didn’t exchange email addresses so I hope he chances upon my site. I only got one or two shots as it was getting dark but I’m planning on going back up there soon, weather dependant of course….

Sulhamstead horses

And, to finish off, a couple of sunset shots, both from Grazeley but taken a few weeks apart with the last one only taken last night and in different parts of the area. A big shout-out to those who drove past while I was taking the photos who beeped and shouted at me 🙂

Sunkissed Tree

Grazeley Sunset

I hope you enjoyed the photos, hopefully it won’t be as long before I post up some more, but until then, take care and please leave any comments or feedback in the comments box.

Don’t forget also that prints of my photos can be bought 🙂



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My first post of 2016

Hi there! This is my first post of 2016, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you all had a great festive break and that you’re all rested.

It’s been a little while since I last posted mainly due to rubbishy weather where I am in West Berkshire. If it wasn’t rain it was dull white cloud that seems to leech the colour out of everything, leaving a dull landscape. Not the sort of weather that inspires, really!

Anyway, enough of my typical British conversation, bemoaning the weather and the like! My first post of the new year is a little selfish; a few snaps of my beautiful daughter and my youngest niece, our Rhodesian Ridgback Maya and my sister’s dog Leo and a sunrise….

Maya on Bed LR






Maya on Bed BnW TMLRSo these are obviously Maya 🙂

Leo & Maya

And above is Maya and Leo 🙂

Lucy & Maya LR

Lucy Again 2

Lucy Again

Holly & Lucy LR

Above are 3 photos of my daughter and 1 of my daughter and niece. These were taken over New Year when we were staying with my sister for our traditional family get together 🙂

Sunrise in Grazeley

The last photo above was taken early one morning in December in Grazeley, as I was driving to work.

I hope you didn’t mind my family pics. Hopefully I’ll have something a little more diverse next time. So until then, take care 🙂





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A few photos old and new

Hi there, Wednesday has come around once more, is it me or are the weeks seeming to fly by so much quicker with the shorter hours of daylight?

Well this week I have a few photos old and new. I’ll start by posting up the older ones, the first of which dates back to last January and was taken in Shinfield on a site which is now being rapidly turned into a new road/roundabout, a bit saddening given it was a beautifully open field. *sigh* – progress I suppose 🙁

Flashback Jan 2015 Field TMLR

This one was also taken last January in Barkham and I’m happy to say it is still very much a beautiful open space 🙂

Flashback Jan 2015 Barkham Field LR Pano TMLR

A bit closer to the present now, and a couple more photos from the trip to Wales; first photo of Maya was taken on Borth Beach whilst the second one was on the shingly Aberystwyth beach with the war memorial and castle ruins in the background;

Maya at the Beach LR

Aberystwyth Beach TMLR

And now something more recent; a couple of shots of the sunset we had last week; the first 2 taken at Shinfield and the bottom one in Grazeley;

Shinfield Sunset Over Tree Thistles LR

Shinfield Sunset Over Tree Watermarked LR

Grazeley Sunset Through Branch LR

That wraps it up for me for another week. I hope you like the photos I post up. Please feel free to share my website link on your Facebook, Google+ or any other social networking sites.

Before I go please do take a look at my photo prints for sale section; I’ve just ordered a few canvas prints and have to say they look great on that medium, they’d make great presents or even just to treat yourself 🙂

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David Gilmour Gig and Some Randoms

Hi once again, thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a great week.

After last week’s particularly verbose post I’m going to chill a bit and let my photos take centre stage. Today I’ll be posting up some photos I took recently at a David Gilmour gig and some randoms I had left over from Wales which seem to be tiding me over quite nicely, I’m glad I took so many especially since we’re having some really awful weather 🙂

Ok, here are the randoms to begin with. The photo immediately below was taken this Spring when we went to West Wittering. Such a beautiful beach I really want to go back to. The photo below that was taken a few weeks ago in Grazeley;

Wittering Beach Flashback TMLR

Grazeley Sunset Flare LR

And the next set are more photos from Wales – the top 2 from New Quay and the next 2 from Llangrannog;

New Quay Harbour TMLR


Rock at Llangranog TMLT

Llangranog Pano LRTM LR

And the rest of the photos were from the David Gilmour (ex-Pink Floyd) gig I went to with my bro’ at the Royal Albert Hall on the 2nd Oct. What a great gig too, simply sublime 🙂


Taken just before the gig started, just to show we were right up in the heavens. Not the best place but it certainly didn’t detract from the experience.








None of the gig photos were edited, they are just as they were taken with either my iPhone or my Lumix.

Well there we are for another week. Weather permitting I hope to be out and about grabbing a few more shots (my back-up stash is dwindling a little now!).

Before I go I’d like to thank those of you who shared my moon photo, it gave me a huge sense of pride seeing it all over Facebook.

I’ve sold a couple of canvas prints of it so please do drop me a message if there are any prints you’d like to buy, and as always please leave any comments you might have in the comments box here on my website or on Facebook 🙂

Bye for now!

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