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Second Southern Ireland Trip

Hi there, wow how long has it been since my last post? A good few months, for sure! For my comeback post I have photos from my second Southern Ireland trip. I was there at the end of March, again just for a few days. The weather wasn’t too good but I managed to grab a few decent shots. I hope you like ’em. As always click on the pics to enlarge…

Trim Castle

On the first day I took a drive down to County Meath to Trim Castle. It’s a Norman castle, built by Hugh de Lacy over a 30 year period. I took the tour which was a great way to spend a few hours learning the history and seeing the castle from the inside.

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Trim Castle

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Trim Castle and Bell Tower

Near the site of the castle stands an old Bell Tower called The Yellow Steep;

Second Southern Ireland Trip

The Yellow Steep Bell Tower

Second Southern Ireland Trip

The Yellow Steep Bell Tower

I took a walk along the River Boyne and noticed this heron swimming and diving for food;

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Heron in the River Boyne

And the shot below is of St Patrick’s Church in the town.

Second Southern Ireland Trip

St Patrick’s Church

Ross Castle and The Rock at Cashel

The next day I took a long drive southwest to Killarney, County Kerry to see Ross Castle

I was really looking forward to this trip as the photos I’d seen of this castle looked amazing. Of course I was relying on the weather…sadly it had other plans. Still, it didn’t detract from the imposing building that awaited me.

It was a little busy so I took some long exposure shots to try to blur them out.

Even with grey clouds above, the surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful.

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Ross Castle

Second Southern Ireland Trip

The Lake at Ross Castle

Second Southern Ireland Trip

An Irish Chaffinch

On the way back I stopped off at The Rock at Cashel in County Tipperary. Again I had visions of it being lit up against a beautiful sky but the weather gods conspired against me. The only decent shot I took I had to make as a composite and change the sky for something more easy on the eye…

Second Southern Ireland Trip

The Rock at Cashel

Howth and Glendalough

The last day saw me take a drive to Howth, an outer suburb of Dublin which forms part of Dublin Bay. Being a peninsula it kinda had its very own weather system. One minute but skies, the next…well you can see from the second shot 🙂

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Lambay Island

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Howth Pier

Second Southern Ireland Trip

St Mary’s

The church above had been built around with houses and bars. I only noticed it by chance as I was wandering up the steep hill. Had to stop and ask how to get to it, such was the higgledy-piggledy way in which the town had been built. But it was a beautiful building.

I was so struck with the serene countryside and lakes of Glendalough that I knew I had to go back and visit again. I took a more direct route this time rather than meandering through the Wicklow Mountains which gave me plenty of time to walk up to the Great Lake.

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Beautiful Glendalough

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Great Lake

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Great Lake Again (slight long expo)

On the way round to the old village I spotted a cheeky little Robin…(wouldn’t be the same without a bird pic or two 🙂 )

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Irish Robin

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Irish Robin Again

And to round the trip off, a long exposure shot of the Glendasan River. In the distance you can just about see the Round Tower.

Second Southern Ireland Trip

Glendasan River Long Expo

I hope you have enjoyed the photos, sorry it took so long to post them up.

Please do leave me feedback, I’d love to know what you think of them.




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Southern Ireland

Hi there, I know it’s been a while since my last post, it’s been a bit busy here. Since last time I have been frantically going through all the photos I took during my trip to Southern Ireland. I hope you like them, it was a great few days spent there and I desperately want to go back. We stayed in a hotel just outside Dublin and while the Mrs worked, I took myself off with the camera.

Clicking on the photos makes them larger and better to view 🙂

Southern Ireland – Day 1

It was an early start that Wednesday morning, I was sat on the runway at Heathrow as the sun rose…(taken on my S7 phone…)

Southern Ireland

It was mid afternoon by the time I was ready to venture out. I drove up to Portrane which was a half hour trip. The internet told me I could get there and back in time to collect Annabelle from work. I wasn’t disappointed with the suggestion either. The rugged coast and clouds provided the perfect subject for a couple of snaps.

Southern Ireland

I practiced a long exposure shot of the waves against the rocks sticking out in the bay…

Southern Ireland

Below shows some moody clouds above Portrane Bay.

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland


Southern Ireland – Day 2

This was the Thursday and and first full day of being in Southern Ireland. I had been told about the Cliffs of Moher by Annabelle, who had been told by a colleague. A quick Google search and I was smitten, despite them being on the complete opposite side of the country! It was actually a very pleasant drive in the hire car. Once out of Dublin the motorways were an absolute breeze. All told it took about 3 and a half hours.

I stopped off on the way at a place called Lahinch when I saw this tower on a golf course…(both taken on my S7 phone)

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

After wandering around on a very blustery coastal road I saw this scene behind me;

Southern Ireland

So back in the car and I finally reach my destination. What a beautiful and rugged coastline. The weather was extremely changeable so one minute it would be clear, then cloudy, the clear again…

These cliffs have featured in films such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and The Princess Bride.

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

 The shot below shows O’Brien’s Tower

Southern Ireland

On my way back to the car I spotted a faint rainbow…

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland – Day 3

The final day was spent driving down through the mountain range, taking in a waterfall then on to Wicklow. I stopped off (as I always seem to do) to grab a few shots of the gorgeous sights around me.

This was on a random road on the way to Powerscourt;

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

I finally found my way to Powerscourt Waterfall and once again did a couple of long exposure shots.

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland

My drive to Wicklow took me right over the top of some beautiful mountains with stunning scenery. I also I met who had been scouring the valley floor for mushrooms for his ill daughter! Oddly he was the exact doppelgänger for a very good friend of ours. It is possible they were related, I’m lead to believe. Who knows….

There was one point during my drive that the film An American Werewolf in London though crossed my mind. So desolate and beautiful, all I needed was a pub called the Slaughtered Lamb…

Southern Ireland

Eventually I found other people when I stopped off at Lough Tay, otherwise known as the Guinness Lake.

Southern Ireland

So after a brief stop off at Glendalough (photos yet to come) I finally reached Wicklow. I visited Wicklow on my 14th birthday with my Dad on his boat, and I wanted to pop back whilst I was in the neighbourhood 🙂

The drive had taken me pretty much all day, with all the stop-offs and photo taking. It was dark and a storm was approaching but I did manage a quick shot of a boat on stilts!!

Southern Ireland

The End

Wow, that was a marathon blog today, right? I hope the photos gave you some idea of just how beautiful Southern Ireland is. I will definitely be going back. There are so many other places to visit, so much history to explore.

Any of these photos can be bought as prints. Please drop me an email if you wish to buy any, and as always I’d love to hear your feedback.

Until next time, be good 🙂


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Random Selection

Hi there, I trust you’re well? You might have noticed I didn’t post anything up last week? Sorry about that, the weather wasn’t very conducive to the type of photography I enjoy…as well as having a few family commitments and things going on.

But I’m back with a random selection of photos, the first few are leftover pics of the last day of my holiday in Borth, Wales;

Day 3 House on Rocks NIKLR

Day 3 Waves on Borth NIKLR

Blackbird D0F New Quay TMLR

Blackbird D0F New Quay 2 TMLRSharp

Boats in New Quay TMLR

Llangrannog Merged Straightened

The photo immediately above was my attempt at doing some long exposure photography…I still need a bit of practice but I’m getting there…..slowly 🙂

Farmyard Near The Vyne TMLR

Lonely Tree at the Vyne LR

The 2 shots above were taken outside of the wooded area of The Vyne, just between Basingstoke and Tadley. Usually when we go there to walk Maya we stick to being under the canopy but on this occasion we ventured out, following a path that led across a few fields and towards a clutch of beautiful houses. Definitely going to go back there to explore a little more. This day I only my little Sony Cybershop T77 with me but I think the photos came out ok. What do you think?

Full Moon LR

So last Sunday evening we had the most amazing moon – the Super Moon it was hailed as. I took the above photo pretty early on in the evening, before the eclipse took place. It was really quite beautiful watching the moon rise up, looking rather pinky-orange in the sky.

I posted this pic up on Facebook and was completely humbled by the response it got! Thank you all so much those of you who saw it there and liked, commented and shared it. I was grinning like…well like a lunatic 🙂

I’d also sent it off to the BBC and was completely taken aback to see that they included it on their slideshow of the superman!

Parhelion in Grazeley Green LR

And I took the shot above when I saw the parhelion as I was driving home after work.

Burghfield Sunset LR

Woolhampton Avenue Merged

James Lane Field Flare LRNIKSharp Grad

The above shots were taken in Burghfield, Woolhampton and Burghfield (again).

Kingfisher TMLR

And finally, I was taking Maya for a walk along the River Kennet and had come to the bridge I like to stop and take in the beauty that the Berkshire countryside has to offer. I noticed a flash of brilliant blue fly out over the river and land on an overhanging branch. I couldn’t believe my luck; sat there looking really quite stunning was a kingfisher. I’ve never seen one in real life and they are quite magnificent. Annoyingly I only had my little camera with me so I squeezed of a few shots, the above photo being the best of the bunch.

I do keep going back to see if he’ll show himself again but as of yet no luck…

Ok, I think I’ve rambled on aplenty about my random selection of photos this time around, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this photos and hope to see you again next week (weather/family permitting!!!)

Before I go, please do leave me feedback in the comments box, I’d really love to know what you think of my photos and this website 🙂

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Boxgrove Priory

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday, I hope your day is going well.

Well here in the UK we are about halfway through our summer holidays and I have to say despite it being a little iffy out there today and a few days of rain recently, we’ve not done too badly weather-wise this year.

But enough of the English weather, on to the photos 🙂 As usual here are a few random photos before the main course.

The first one (below) was taken on our very first digital camera back in 2003 on our honeymoon in Goa. It didn’t turn out too bad really, the photo, that is, considering it was only something like a 1 or 2 mp camera, taken at dusk.

Restaurant on River in Goa LR

The first photo below was taken when I was practicing my depth of field shots using my daughter and her birthday present from her Grandma, whilst the photo below was Lucy’s beautiful (and extremely delicious) birthday cake from her Aunt.

Rose & Lucy DoF

Lucys Birthday Cake TMLR

The shot below was taken a month or so ago, and was of the first signs of harvest I saw this year. I’m pretty sure that when I was a lad growing up Up North, harvest time was a few weeks later than it is down here…?

Hay Bales LR

And finally for this round of randoms, an edit I am particularly proud of given that the original photo of Stonehenge was taken on a very old iPhone on the A303 from a considerable distance. I had to try to edit out the numerous people who were walking in front of the stones…obviously I added the oversized moon and added a black & white filter to add mood…this photo got me featured on an Instagram hub 🙂


Wow, that’s particularly verbose of me today! So without any more randomness, here are the photos I got when I drove down to Boxgrove Priory, just on the outskirts of Chichester, a few weeks ago.

It’s a beautiful place and I was lucky enough to go when the weather was amazing…

Priory Long Expo LR



Boxgrove Priory MergedEdited

Boxgrove Priory Graveyard Masuria2 TMLR

Boxgrove Priory Church of St Mary & St Blaise TMLRPS

Boxgrove Priory Church Front Smooth TM LRPS

Boxgrove Gardens TMLR

Faded Graveyard TMLR


Well I hope you liked these photos. Have a great week and hope to see you all again next week.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments, it’d be great to hear what you think.

Did I mention that some photos are now available to purchase? Take a look at the Photo Prints for Sale link to see which ones are available 🙂

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Farnham Castle

Hi there!

It’s been a good few weeks since I last posted any photos and I’ve missed grabbing photos with my camera,  so am happy to find myself once again in a position where I have some pics to post and a few words to say 🙂

The photos I’m posting up today are of some buildings I snapped a few weeks ago when I took a drive out through Fleet, towards Odiham and then on to Farnham, my old stomping ground many years ago to have a look at Farnham Castle!

Lonely Stable in Upton Grey

Rosemary Cottage Upton Grey

Footpath Sign

These three photos above were taken in a small little village called Upton Grey which sits on the line of a Roman Line; The Chichester to Silchester Way. Its name is derived from the family name de Grey, who lived here in Norman times, used to distinguish this village from the many other Uptons around the country. It may or may not be of interest to you to know that there are 36 or so places in the UK alone with the name Upton.

So on to Farnham Castle, built in 1138 by the grandson of William the Conqueror it became the home to the Bishops of Winchester for some 800 years.

Rather than me regurgitating info, take a look at the Wiki entry for Farnham Castle here. 🙂

Farnham Keep Vertical

Farnham Castle Long Expo Blue Sky Edit

Farnham Castle Again_tonemapped

Gatehouse Vertical

The 2 shots below were taken from the park just outside the castle walls.


Trees in Farnham Park

Tree Avenue in Farnham

Thanks for taking the time out to visit my site, I hope you enjoyed and hopefully it won’t be as long again before I post some more up 🙂

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A day at the coast

Yay, it’s Monday again!
This week’s photos are from a couple of weeks ago when we decided to spend a day at the coast as the weather was pretty amazing.
We plugged West Wittering into the sat nav and decided against taking the quickest motorway route, opting instead for the shortest route which turned out to take a couple of hours but took us through some great, quaint little villages and unexpectedly past one of my old local pubs The Passfield Oak.

En route we stopped off at Woolbeding, below are a few shots of the manor;

Woolbeding Gardens_tmLR

Woolbeding Road & Wall NIKLR

We got to West Wittering just after 1pm and the beach wasn’t too busy. The last time I visited West Wittering must be about 23-24 years ago and I’m glad to say that it hasn’t changed too much, it’s still a beautiful stretch of sandy beach that hasn’t been ruined by over-zealous property businesses looking to cash in. I’d heard that back in the 1920s a group of about 300 locals bought this stretch of land and vowed never to sell it so that it can remain a great spot to visit.

Beach Huts on West Wittering Beach

Beach Long Expo

West Wittering Letterbox

West Wittering Mono

West Wittering Not Letterbox

Wittering Beach Clouds 2 NIKLR

Beach Shot LR

Boats in Bay


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