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Birds, horses and trees

Hi there, thanks for popping over to have a look at my photos. I hope you’re well and having a good week? This week I’ve been taking photos of birds, horses and trees. The weather has been cold but beautiful so I managed to get out for the first time in a while.

And so we’ll delve straight in. Remember, click on the photo to view a larger image, they look better that way 🙂


As you’re well aware by now, I love the birds 🙂 I took a walk along Silchester Wall a couple of weeks ago and chanced upon a friendly robin. He was happy enough to pose a moment whilst I snapped him on a fence and then on a headstone.

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

And with the cold weather comes the birds looking for a snack. This blue tit was on the feeder for a good few minutes. Most of the time they flit on and off very briefly, I think he must have been hungry!

Birds, horses and trees


I’d missed out on some amazing winter sunrises recently. I finally got my act together and took my camera in to work with me. Along the way I stopped off near Amner’s Farm and these are the results;

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

And last weekend I took a stroll over at Whitehill, near Kingsclere and saw these two horses…

Birds, horses and trees


And of course you know of my fondness for trees, the lungs of the earth 🙂 The first photo was taken on New Year’s Day up in Appley Bridge.

Birds, horses and trees

The next two were shot near Beech Hill in West Berkshire

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

And the final 2 I took last weekend at Whitehill

Birds, horses and trees

Birds, horses and trees

And that brings to an end my post of birds, horses and trees. I hope you liked them. As always, you can order prints of these or any others on my website. Just drop me an email and let me know which ones.


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Sunsets, Silchester and Englefield

Hi again, Wednesday has come around again and I have a few more photos to share with you. No particular theme this week, a veritable wish-mash from the last couple of weeks really made up essentially of Sunsets, Silchester and Englefield.

Usually I’ll only use photos from one set of edited photos but this week I’m using 2 sets.

The first set has a couple of left-overs from my Silchester walk along with a few sunsets shot from Trash Green, I guess it would be called a hamlet just around the corner from where I live.

Silchester Tree TMLR

Silchester Tree 2 LR

Silchester Gardfen TMLR

Lambs TMLR

So these four above were edited after I posted my last blog on here.

Grazely Field TMLR

This shot was taken in Grazely Green, I love open fields and clouds 🙂

Burghfield Field & Branches NIKLR

Burghfield Sunset

Burghfield Sunset 2 TMLR

And these 3 were taken from Folly Lane in Trash Green

 And the final 3 photos are from Englefield, a small village close to Theale. Giving their name to this place, apparently the Englefield family lived here since the reign of King Egbert in AD803, according to details found here. More information can be found here

St Mark's Church

Englefield View Blues PS

St Mark's Church Vertical TMLR

As always, thank you for taking time out to look at my photos and read my words, any feedback good or bad is always welcome, please make that little text box happy by adding a few words of your own 🙂

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It’s that time of the week once more! Hope you all had a great Bank Holiday and the working week is being kind to you 🙂

Before the main set of photos from Silchester, here are a couple of photos of a beautiful cloud formation I took a few months ago at Sulhamstead, followed by a snap of a house along the River Kennet down at Sheffield Bottom near Theale;

Old Cloud 2 NIKPS

Old Cloud NIK

House on Canal TMLR

Today’s offering is from a walk around the site of an old Roman town called Calleva Atrebatum. Now the site of Silchester, the university still conducts excavations in the area, but it’s a lovely walk around the ruins of the Roman wall that surrounded and protected the town.

Gated Sky

Silchester 2 LR

Silchester 3

Silchester 4

Silchester 5 TMLR

Silchester 6

Silchester Wall

Silchester 10 St Mary the Virgin NIKLR

Silchester 11 St Mary the Virgin NIKLR

I loved this beautiful looking church – St Mary the Virgin. Built just within the surrounding walls and dating back to the 12th or 13th Century, possibly on the site of a Roman temple, it is believed that it was built using Roman materials.
Again, if you want to know a little more about Silchester, then take a look here.

Silchester 7

Silchester 9 Sheep TMLR

Silchester 8

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