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Catch Up Mode Part 2 July & August 2017

Hi again and welcome to the second of my ‘catch up’ posts. Sneakily entitled Catch Up Mode Part 2 July & August 2017. This group of photos seem to be mainly from Virginia Water, I […]

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Catch Up Mode Part 1 May & June 2017

Hi there, well hasn’t it been a while? I hope you’re all well and have had a great summer. Thanks for checking out catch up mode part 1 May & June 2017 Well the last time […]

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Another week of randoms

Hi once more, I hope you’re well? Thanks for visiting, this time is another week of randoms! Typically I’ll have a week of getting out and snapping some shots and posting from 1 or 2 […]

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Douai Abbey

Here we are again, a fresh week in a fresh month! I hope you’re well and enjoying the *ahem* summer! A few pics this week from my little jaunt to Douai Abbey, just down the […]

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A Grazeley farm and some older pics

Hi again and once more a little later than usual here are some more photos, this time based around a Grazeley farm and some older pics. I’ll do the older pics first; Above, a re-edit […]

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Photos from last week

Happy Sunday folks, hoping you’re all well 🙂 Below are some photos from last week whilst I was out and about around the vicinity. Oh, there’s a flash back photo also from the place where […]

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