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Another week of randoms

Hi once more, I hope you’re well? Thanks for visiting, this time is another week of randoms! Typically I’ll have a week of getting out and snapping some shots and posting from 1 or 2 […]

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It’s been a couple of weeks

Hi, I thought my site was ready for some more photos as it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted some up. These 3 above were taken in Barkham, a small village just […]

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Random photos

Well, given the drizzley and cold weather outside I thought I’d post up a few random photos that I had stockpiled for just such an occasion. These were taken between a month and few weeks […]

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Ufton Nervet and Dinton Pastures

I’m back đŸ™‚ A few photos this time around from Ufton Nervet and Dinton Pastures. I didn’t realise just how sprawling the little village of Ufton Nervet is until this weekend. It’s not too far […]

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Frost, a sunrise and as usual a tree or 2

We’ve been lucky to have some great weather recently (seems odd saying this as I look out the window as I write, the trees bending in the strong gusts and the rain blowing against the […]

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