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Another week of randoms

Hi once more, I hope you’re well? Thanks for visiting, this time is another week of randoms! Typically I’ll have a week of getting out and snapping some shots and posting from 1 or 2 sources. Recently though it’s not been the case and I have to trawl through my backlog. This means one or two photos from various other sources, which is what we have today ๐Ÿ™‚

Holiday Memories

To begin, a few photos taken whilst on break, and below is a shot I recently edited of Portrane Beach.

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Above is an edited shot of the tower at Lahinch Golf Course

Disclaimer – I am NOT a golfer ๐Ÿ™‚

And a couple of shots left over from my summer break in Dale, Pembrokeshire. It really was a beautiful place ๐Ÿ™‚

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

The top shot was taken along the front at Dale. Middle shot was from Marloes Beach and the bottom shot at Dale West.

Autumn in Burghfield

As titled really, these were taken a few weeks back when it really felt like Autumn was here. It was bright, crisp and fresh that day; I can still remember the sights and smells. Since then it’s just been a little on the wet and dull side…give me those blue skies again!

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Autumn Elsewhere!

A little further afield, although not too far! The top shot, taken on my phone was taken near Midgham and the bottom shot from the Discovery Centre in Newbury.

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Gotta love the tree tunnels ๐Ÿ™‚


Ah yes, the town where I work! I took these 3 on my iPhone last Friday and edited them using a couple of apps on the phone. This takes me back a bit…

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

And..to close…

A couple of nature shots, some beautiful leaves, the ‘almost’ supermoon and a sunset at Ufton Nervet.

I took the moon shot at 17:21 last Sunday, a day before the true supermoon. I’m glad I got to take this shot because the Monday was very cloudy!

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Another week of randoms

Once again I hope you liked there photos I posted for another week of randoms. Please leave any comment for me and let me know should you wish to buy any prints ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care,


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It’s been a couple of weeks

Hi, I thought my site was ready for some more photos as it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted some up.

Barkham Bridge_tmLR

Barkham Field

Shetlands Alik4 TM

These 3 above were taken in Barkham, a small village just outside Wokingham. There are loads of farms and stables around Barkham and Wokingham. The Shetlands in the 3rd photo were so cute.

Plastow Green Field & Houses

Gated Field Plastow Green

Horses in Plastow Hill_tm LR

Single File Lane Plastow Green_tmLR

After dropping my daughter off at ballet one Saturday morning I took a drive out into the surrounding countryside of Thatcham and found a place called Plastow Green, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere but exceptionally pretty and picturesque.

Pineapple Pub NIKLRSHARP

This is The Pineapple pub, just outside Aldermastonย in a small village called Brimpton Common. Been in here a few times now and it’s a great little pub, very friendly and serves a great pint ๐Ÿ™‚ Dating back some 900 years, it’s mentioned in the Domesday Book. It gets its name not from the tropical fruit, but the local name for pine cones.

Sun Shining over Grazeley

Sun Through Tree in GG_tmLR

These 2 were taken between Beech Hill and Grazeley.

Sulhamstead Sunset & Horses

Sulhamstead Sunset
And to round things off for this post, these 2 above were taken from Sulhamstead.

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Random photos

Well, given the drizzley and cold weather outside I thought I’d post up a few random photos that I had stockpiled for just such an occasion. These were taken between a month and few weeks ago and recently edited from my ‘rainy day’ stash.

Wokingham Sunrise Again

Frosty Wokingham Sunrise

Sulhamstead Sunset & Pylon

Sulhamstead Sunset

Aldermaston Sun Flare

Aldermaston Track

Sun Setting over Field in Ufton Nervet

Sunsetting in Ufton Nervet

Winter Trees in Ufton Nervet

Winter Trees

ย Firlands Sunset with Horses No Sig

Firlands Sunset with Horses

I posted this one up on the Burghfield Community Facebook page who then asked if they could use it as their cover photo for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

I have some more photos to post up, but will save them for later ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ufton Nervet and Dinton Pastures

I’m back ๐Ÿ™‚

A few photos this time around from Ufton Nervet and Dinton Pastures.

I didn’t realise just how sprawling the little village of Ufton Nervet is until this weekend. It’s not too far from where I live in West Berkshire. It can be found in the Doomsday Book in 1089 asย Offetune.

I drove around some of the little single track lanes looking for somewhere to pull over and grab a photo or two, no doubt I’ll be frequenting this charming little area again.

Ufton Nervet Sunset over Field

Ufton Nervet Field

Ufton Nervet Road

Trees over River

Other Side of the Bridge

On my way to Ufton Nervet I had to stop off and grab a shot of a very curious horse…

Horse in Sulhamstead

This one is a rather grand school situated just outside Newbury and Hermitage. right in the middle of nowhere but a beautiful building none the less. I’d have loved to have gone here given the fantastic scenery it’s surrounded by. Brockhurst School….

Brockhurst School

The photo below is a shot looking across the great lake in Dinton Pastures, just outside Wokingham. We took a walk around there yesterday with some friends of ours and enjoyed the wonderful weather we had.

Dinton Lake

The few photos remaining are some random photos that I have taken over the last few weeks, I was saving them up for a rainy day…

First up is a shot of Shinfield, in between Reading and Wokingham, taken on a misty morning and edited with Niksoft; my first attempt using that software.

Shinfield Revisited Niksoft HDR LR

Some may recognise the beautifully rolling countryside as that of Bampton in Devon. Again this was edited using Niksoft;

Rolling Bampton Hills Niksoft LR tm

And this was a shot I took when I was walking through Aldermaston a few weeks ago, a great derelict house left rotting away on the corner of some land owned by a conference centre. Such a shame to see a characterful house go to waste…

Derelict House Niksoft LR Sharp


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Frost, a sunrise and as usual a tree or 2

We’ve been lucky to have some great weather recently (seems odd saying this as I look out the window as I write, the trees bending in the strong gusts and the rain blowing against the window…) today’s post has frost, a sunrise and as usual a tree or 2.

So, without further ado (i’m not into writing long blogs I guess!!!), here are today’s offerings, I hope you like them.

Please feel free to leave any comments…

Over the Lake TM LR

Over the Lake 2 TM LR

Clouds & Pylons LR2 TM

Canal LR_TM

Frosty Fields LR Grad Filt Photomatix & Crop

Sunrise & Trees TM LR

Sunrise 1 TM LR

Sunrise over Farm TM PS

Firlands Tree at Sunset LR

Sunrise over Hill LR Crop Sharp

Tall Tree Niksoft HDR LR

Ufton Nervet Tree Sunset Nat TM LR

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